We Are The Revolution

Healthcare has become more about insurance and less about people. At Bream Medical, we care more about you.

At Bream Medical we provide excellent care whenever you need it. We offer appointment times that you can schedule in advance or if an unexpected need arises you can walk in at any time.

Primary Care

We provide individualized care for each member of your family. This includes yearly checkups, physicals, lab draws and testing, plus various other treatments. Join our family and let us get to know yours.

Other Services

At Bream Medical we offer full lab services, telemedicine, COVID testing, school physicals, EKG testing, and more! Check out our FAQs and Subscription Plans for more information.

Why Bream Medical?

The current approach to healthcare in America has shifted from a focus on patient care to insurance and financial gain. With high deductible plans and the increasing cost of hospital stays, healthcare has become unaffordable for many Americans. Especially for those who are self-employed, contractors, or who work part-time.

Families who spend thousands of dollars every year on insurance are often left stranded during times when they need help the most. Why pay all of this money only to be left with steep hospital bills and mountains of debt?

We know that the health system in America is not working. That’s why at Bream Medical we are doing something different. We provide Urgent Care and Direct Primary Care services. With low-cost subscription plans and a focus on individualized and patient specific care, we hope to bring change to the healthcare system of America. We accept patients who want to take part in our subscription plans and those who choose to self-pay. Check out our cash fee prices on our Pricing page and our low-cost plans on our Subscription page. Also, refer to our FAQs for more information. We will be accepting insurance soon.

Join Bream Medical and let’s start a revolution.

Stokesdale is Now Open

Bream Medical Subscription Plan

$99 Per Adult/Month
(1 year contract)
  • $300 Total per Month for a Family of Four
    (1 year contract)
    (Children can be added for acute visits only.)
  • 1 Physical per Adult/Year
    (Includes EKG and Labs of: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel, & Vit D)
  • 1 Sports/Camp Physical per Child/Year
  • 4 Simple Urgent Care / Follow-up Visits per Year
    (1 per Quarter)
  • 2 Telemedicine Visits per Year
  • 20% Discount on Visits
    (After 4 Urgent Care Visits are Used)
  • “Skip the Line” Urgent Care Appointments
  • 24-7 Virtual Access to Your Provider

Bream Medical Business Subscription Plan

$99 Per Employee/Month for Over 20 Employees
(1 year contract)
  • $125 per Employee/Month for Less Than 20 Employees
    (1 year contract)
  • 1 Physical per Year
    (Includes EKG and Labs: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel, & Vit D)
  • 2 Simple Urgent Care Visits per Year
  • 1 Telemedicine Visit per Year
  • 20% Discount on Visits
    (After All Urgent Care Visits are Used)
  • “Skip the Line” Urgent Care Appointments
  • Same Day Appointments for Acute Injuries

Patient Rights

At Bream Medical we believe that all patients deserve to be treated fairly, compassionately, humanely, and in a cost-effective manner. You deserve to have accurate and unbiased information when it comes to your health and well-being. And you have the right to take part in and engage in a shared decision-making approach to your health.  

Proud Member of North Carolina Physicians for Freedom


Viky B.
Viky B.
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Bream Medical has been like a knight in shining armor and rescued me during some of the darkest moments in my health this year. I could not recommend Zack, PA and Dr. John Bream more for their time, compassion, and expertise. First class care! I’ve never gone to a doctor office that the staff were so personable, listened to me, and justified my concerns. All the staff have gone above and beyond! I cannot thank them enough for getting me back on the right track after some scary times health wise.
Connie T.
Connie T.
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Today was my first visit at Bream medical, I was greeted by the office staff with smiling faces and a sense of being a long time friend. When I met my attending physician, Zack Briggs, he was kind attentive and ready to treat whatever came his way. I was truly impressed and felt that I was in great hands with everyone in the office. Bream medical is truly a one of a kind place ! Putting real care into Healthcare!
Sara M
Sara M
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Bream Medical is an uncommon resource. Dr. Bream and his medical team oversaw my treatment, and the treatment of several family members, during CV. I had the pleasure recently of visiting his office in person, and it was so refreshing. A medical office that not only openly discloses all of their prices, but also provides affordable medical care outside of insurance is something that was desperately needed. Dr. Bream, we’ve witnessed the work that you put in to answer questions, including our own, and your help to those who are struggling during this time. I want to say thank you. We look forward to great things in the coming years, and hope to see your practice thriving. We need more doctors like you.
Dustin E.
Dustin E.
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Thanks to some info from a friend, I was able to call Bream Medical and make a same day appointment to have my needs addressed! The staff were exceptionally friendly and took great care of me while also working quickly! Even though I was a new patient, I was out the door in under an hour! 2


We accept the following Insurance Carriers:

  • Aetna
  • Amerihealth
  • BCBS (effective May 16th)
  • Blue Medicare (Effective May 16th)
  • Carolina Complete
  • Cigna
  • Healthy Blue
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Medcost


We also offer self-pay/cash fee options and subscription plans. Check out our Pricing and Subscription Plan pages for more information!

You can sign up on our patient portal at the top of the webpage. We are now accepting patients for the Salisbury location! We will be accepting patients for the Edenton and Stokesdale locations in the coming months. Check back often for updates!

For all ages it will include a physical examination, history review, and age-appropriate counseling and screenings. For 18–35 year-olds this also includes an EKG (first visit only for baseline), CBC, CMP, TSH, lipid panel, and vitamin D level test. For patients over 35 years of age, you will additionally receive maintenance health screenings and a cardiovascular risk assessment.

Annual physical examinations and labs are included in the cost of an annual subscription fee. Additional labs or a COVID crusher panel can be performed as needed for an extra charge.

Not at all. We accept both appointments and walk-ins!

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