The Internet.  The telephone.  The computer.  Telemedicine? Bream Medical?

                The first three are undeniably technology revolutions that have changed the way we communicate and live.  I think telemedicine will be the most remarkable revolution in healthcare that occurs during my career.  And, at Bream Medical, we are working tirelessly to revolutionize healthcare every day to benefit our patients by taking a patient-centered, non-corporate approach to health care.

                Certainly, we could spend time going through all the myriad of statistics regarding telemedicine, but the take home point is simple – telemedicine exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic – and it is here to stay. 

                There are some obvious advantages and disadvantages to telemedicine:


  • Telemedicine visits are generally cheaper than in-person visits
  • Telemedicine minimizes exposure to communicable illness
  • Telemedicine is convenient. It can be done from your couch, from your workplace, on vacation, or basically anywhere there is a good Wi-Fi connection
  • Telemedicine facilitates increased communication between patients and providers
  • Telemedicine increases access to subspeciality clinics and access to care in rural areas


  • Telemedicine cannot be performed for certain illnesses
  • Telemedicine cannot replace health screenings
  • Telemedicine does require a Wi-Fi connection
  • Telemedicine can be prone to technical glitches
  • Telemedicine seems to be more difficult for the elderly

At Bream Medical, we have leaned into telemedicine as a cheaper, affordable option to treat many illnesses and help people.  We have especially used telemedicine to help treat acute and long COVID but also for many other illnesses such as urinary tract infections, ADHD, anxiety, sinus infections, rashes, upper respiratory infections, and many other acute illnesses. 

While our physical locations are in Salisbury, Stokesdale and Edenton, North Carolina, our telemedicine service is available to ANYONE who is a North Carolina resident.

The process is simple for anyone who wants to schedule a telemedicine appointment:

  • Call the office and schedule your appointment time
  • Fill out the paperwork and send back to the office
  • Prior to your appointment, the office staff will call to verify your medical information and perform the triage portion of your telemedicine appointment
  • The provider will join and perform your history, limited physical, assessment and plan and will send in your medications electronically to your pharmacy

The next time you have a need to can be handled by telemedicine, please Bream Medical a call.  Our staff will take great care of you and ensure you get the care you need. 

And you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

  – John Bream, MD – Founder, Bream Medical

Bream Medical is an all-inclusive, non-corporate practice that provides urgent care, primary care,

and direct primary care services in Salisbury, Stokesdale, and Edenton, NC, and provides telemedicine consultation anywhere in North Carolina.  We provide excellent healthcare by prioritizing patients care – not profits.  To learn more about Bream Medical, visit or call 704.216.1263.

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