The cancer conundrum – should I get routine screenings?

John Bream, MDFouunder, Bream Medical Spoiler alert: I will give the technical explanation for my rationale below, but for those who are just interested a summary and not a highly technical explanation: My opinion is routine cancer screening is a worthwhile endeavor despite the findings of the below study suggesting routine cancer screening does not […]

Masks for COVID – wise or worthless?

John Bream, MDFounder, Bream Medical What are they saying about masks? With an increase in COVID-19 cases coinciding with the return to school, great debate has reemerged about the role of masking in combating the spread of respiratory viruses.  While everyone certainly has a strong opinion on the subject, now is a good time to […]

Winding Down the COVID Emergency:

On May 11th, 2023, the COVID emergency will officially end after three years.  As such, it is warranted to reflect upon this time and the lessons that have been learned from this period as there will certainly be another pandemic in our lifetime.  With apologies to David Letterman and CBS Orchestra, here is the Bream […]

Elite Performance Chiropractic – Piedmont Triad’s leader in ART

Since 2008, Elite Performance Chiropractic (EPC) has been serving the Piedmont Triad area. With locations in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem, our doctors are always ready to consult, advise, and treat various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. EPC’s founder, Dr. Jeremy Phillips, played college at Lenoir-Rhyne College and professional football the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe, the St. Louis […]

Honey Buns, Diet Mountain Dew, and Trauma care

Does residency education need to be reformed? John Bream, MD Founder, Bream Medical                 It’s 445am in Greenville, North Carolina, sometime in the spring of 2012.  It’s been a busy Saturday night (now Sunday morning) on trauma.  I’ve been on-duty as the senior trauma resident for almost 24 hours.  The trauma team has just completed […]

Telemedicine – comfortable care from your couch

                The Internet.  The telephone.  The computer.  Telemedicine? Bream Medical?                 The first three are undeniably technology revolutions that have changed the way we communicate and live.  I think telemedicine will be the most remarkable revolution in healthcare that occurs during my career.  And, at Bream Medical, we […]

Long COVID – a long nightmare for millions

                Shortness of breath.  Brain fog.  Difficulty remembering.  Chest pain.  Palpitations. Significant increases in/new diagnoses of anxiety. Distressing inability to taste or smell.  Tinnitus.  Persistent headaches. Persistent cough. Acid reflux.  Neuropathy.  Fatigue – man, the fatigue.                  The list of symptoms goes on.  And on.  And on.  Like […]

Direct Primary Care – Taking charge of your own healthcare

                People are frustrated with their healthcare.  Really, what they’re most frustrated with is their insurance coverage.  Bream Medical aims to provide a direct primary care option for our patients via our subscription service.                 The days of having a good job where your employer provides excellent coverage, […]

I couldn’t button up a onesie…but I could save your child’s life

                Lincoln Ryne Bream was born on May 20, 2020, at 6:34pm.  Seven pounds and 15 ounces of pure joy born via urgent C-section due to an amniotic fluid leak and critically low amniotic fluid levels. I had wholly anticipated that it would be a life-changing moment; and […]

Compounding medications helps compound patient success

As patients become more complex, physicians are turning to pharmaceutical compounding to accommodate each patient’s unique needs.   At The Medicine Shoppe – Salisbury, we are proud to be a locally owned, independent pharmacy that compounds prescription medications.  We do this on-site via two labs that are complaint with United States Pharmacopeial (USP) standards. What […]

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