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Dr. Bream, like many Americans, is horrified about how expensive quality healthcare has become.  The implementation of high-deductible insurance plans has made many healthcare needs virtually unaffordable.  After realizing he was paying over $24,000 a year just in premiums, Dr. Bream saw the need to reevaluate the healthcare system, and in turn led to the creation of Bream Medical, where he strives to make a difference and bring about a Revolution in healthcare with self-pay/cash fee options and low-cost subscription plans.    

Us Versus Them

Listed below are some examples of prices at Bream Medical and what the same service would cost at FastMed™, another urgent care facility.

  • Their Price
  • Our Price
Services Their PriceOur Price
*Procedure costs for urgent care visits may incur extra fees.
Simple Urgent Care Visit $199$99
Moderate Urgent Care Visit$199$175
Complex Urgent Care Visit$225
Telemedicine Visit$79Starts at $78
COVID Rapid Antigen Test$60$30
Primary Care Visit $69 + Add-On for Any LabIncluded in Subscription Cost
Sports Physical/Camp Physical$49/$69$35/$50
DOT Physical$109$100
Subscription Plans

Us VS. Them

Simple Urgent Care Visit
Bream Medical $99 – FastMed $119

Moderate Urgent Care Visit
Bream Medical $175 – FastMed $199

Complex Urgent Care Visit
Bream Medical $225 – FastMed: Not Listed

Telemedicine Visit
Bream Medical $78 – FastMed $89

COVID Test (Travel PCR)
Bream Medical $140 – FastMed $249

COVID Rapid Antigen Test
Bream Medical $30 – FastMed $249

Primary Care Visit
Bream Medical: Included in Subscription Cost – FastMed $79 + Add-On for Any Lab

Sports Physical/Camp Physical
Bream Medical $35/$50 – FastMed $59/$69

DOT Physical
Bream Medical $100 – FastMed $109

*Procedure costs for urgent care visits may incur extra fees.


A simple urgent care visit may be $99, or a telemedicine visit would be $78. Check out our prices and subscription pages for more information!

You can sign up on our patient portal at the top of the webpage. We are now accepting patients for the Salisbury location! We will be accepting patients for the Edenton and Stokesdale locations in the coming months. Check back often for updates!

You should always go to the ER or call 911 if life or limb are at risk. However, here are some examples of situations that you can come to an Urgent Care for: if your primary care doctor’s office is closed, you have symptoms of a cold or flu, mild sprains and strains, cuts that may need stitches, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration, painful urination, etc.

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