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At Bream Medical we offer a variety of services to provide the best and most reliable care that we can to you and your family. We want to provide an affordable option to patients who are self-employed, are not offered insurance through their employer, or are looking for an alternative to their current high-deductible plan. Through our Direct Urgent Care and Direct Primary Care services, we offer self-pay/cash fee scheduling options and low-cost subscription plans to best care for you and your medical needs.

We will also be accepting insurance soon.

Bream Medical Services

*Not all locations offer our full services. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them!

Full Lab Services

Need some blood work? All lab services are provided by Mako.

Emergent X-Ray*

Need an X-Ray? We’ve got you covered at our Edenton and Stokesdale locations.


We can perform electrocardiograms, also known as an ECG or EKG to assess your heart’s function.


With available spirometry services, we can determine your lung function with pulmonary function tests to better assess your breathing ability. This also helps identify any respiratory conditions that may be present.

Infectious Disease and COVID Testing

At Bream Medical we offer COVID, influenza (Flu), RSV, and Strep FIA testing with 15-minute results.


Have a child or teenager that needs a physical for school or camp? Or do you need a required DOT physical? At Bream Medical we can help you get what you need at any time.

Point-of-Care Testing

A series of quick and easy tests such as urinalysis, d-dimer, troponin, BNP, hemoglobin, blood glucose, pregnancy, and lipid panel.

Standard Urgent Care Procedures*

At Bream Medical we offer procedures that are available at any standard Urgent Care. These may include stitches, *splinting, immunizations, and various other treatments for both acute and chronic situations. *Splinting is only available at our Edenton and Stokesdale locations.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

At Bream Medical we are committed to growing our network of specialized practitioners so that we can provide care for your every need. Check back in the future for updates on our available services!

At this time, Bream Medical is unable to provide the following services:

  • Complex specialty care
  • Pregnancy care
  • Cancer-related care
  • CT scan/MRI/ultrasound
  • Opioid/benzodiazepine management
  • Biopsies

Learn More About Our Subscription Plans


Yes! However, at this time we currently do not offer maternity/pregnancy care.

A simple urgent care visit may be $99, or a telemedicine visit would be $78. Check out our prices and subscription pages for more information!

You should always go to the ER or call 911 if life or limb are at risk. However, here are some examples of situations that you can come to an Urgent Care for: if your primary care doctor’s office is closed, you have symptoms of a cold or flu, mild sprains and strains, cuts that may need stitches, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration, painful urination, etc.

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