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The Way It Should Be

At Bream Medical we provide Direct Urgent Care and Direct Primary Care services through low-cost subscription plans with a focus on individualized and patient specific care. We accept patients who want to take part in our subscription plans and those who choose to self-pay. Check out our cash fee prices on our Pricing page and refer to our FAQs for more information.

We will be accepting insurance soon.

Bream Medical Subscription Plan

$125 Per Adult/Month
(1 year contract)
  • $300 Total per Month for a Family of Four
    (1 year contract)
    (Children can be added for acute visits only.)
  • 1 Physical per Adult/Year
    (Includes EKG and Labs of: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel, & Vit D)
  • 1 Sports/Camp Physical per Child/Year
  • 4 Simple Urgent Care / Follow-up Visits per Year
    (1 per Quarter)
  • 20% Discount on Visits
    (After 4 Urgent Care Visits are Used)
  • 2 Telemedicine Visits per Year
  • “Skip the Line” Urgent Care Appointments
  • 24-7 Virtual Access to Your Provider

Bream Medical Business Subscription Plan

$100 Per Employee/Month for Over 20 Employees
(1 year contract)
  • $125 per Employee/Month for Less Than 20 Employees
    (1 year contract)
  • 1 Physical per Year
    (Includes EKG and Labs: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel, & Vit D)
  • 2 Simple Urgent Care Visits per Year
  • 20% Discount on Visits
    (After 2 Urgent Care Visits are Used)
  • 1 Telemedicine Visit per Year
  • “Skip the Line” Urgent Care Appointments
  • Same Day Appointments for Acute Injuries

What Makes Us Different From Conventional Healthcare?

We only accept a certain amount of direct primary care patients in order to provide the best individualized care. On the other hand, conventional healthcare stacks thousands of patients on a handful of providers, care is of a lesser quality, and does not take an individualized approach. It limits the provider to only being able to spend 15 minutes with the patient while here at Bream Medical we spend the extra time needed to provide excellent patient care. We aspire to give you more access to your provider through flexible hours plus more medical freedom by allowing cash fee scheduling options and in-house labs to decrease cost. Conventional healthcare only takes insurance and charges a high price for its services, is constrained by the corporate companies, is only open from 8am-5pm and may even be closed on the weekends. We want to do everything we can to keep you out of the ER. How about them? They recommend it.

Did You Know???

Did you know that the United States ranks poorly in healthcare amongst its peers? Despite spending more money on healthcare than any other country, the USA;

  • 46th in life expectancy.
  • 33rd out of 36 in infant mortality amongst OECD countries.
  • 12th in the world for obesity.
  • 27th in healthcare outcomes, and is the worst amongst the world’s most wealthy countries in access to care.

You may ask why this is? It is because the American model doesn’t work. We need a new approach. We need a medical Revolution.

Join Bream Medical and let’s change our healthcare system one step at a time! See below for more details.

How Will Bream Medical Work?

John Smith pays $600 per month for health insurance, he has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and is a little overweight. He only goes to the doctor every 3 months and has his labs drawn each time. His copay is $40 per visit. He can barely get in for an acute visit and ends up at the ER or urgent care when he gets sick costing at least $75 for an urgent care copay, or $300 for an ER copay. Because his deductible is $10,000 he pays out of pocket for everything.

This is how conventional healthcare works, but not Bream Medical.

At Bream Medical, John Smith opts into the Bream Medical plan and pays $125 monthly, saving $5,400 per year on his premium. His first primary care visit is covered by his Bream Medical subscription, and he gets one urgent care visit included as well. His subscription also bumps him “in front of the line” for urgent care visits and he has access to his providers virtually at any time via telemedicine. His labs are cheaper when done by Bream Medical because the mark-up is less and he is able to save some of the money to be used for yearly outpatient tests such as a colonoscopy or for an emergency.

For more information, see our Pricing page for details!


Not at this time, but we will be accepting insurance soon. However, we offer self-pay/cash fee options and subscription plans. Check out our Pricing and Subscription Plan pages for more information!

For example, John Smith pays $125 monthly for Bream Medical, and saves $5,400 per year on his premium. John gets a physical covered by his Bream Medical subscription, four urgent care visits, two telemedicine visits, and more included as well. His subscription also bumps him “in front of the line” for urgent care visits, and he can access his provider virtually at any time.

For all ages it will include a physical examination, history review, and age-appropriate counseling and screenings. For 18–35 year-olds this also includes an EKG (first visit only for baseline), CBC, CMP, TSH, lipid panel, and vitamin D level test. For patients over 35 years of age, you will additionally receive maintenance health screenings and a cardiovascular risk assessment.

Annual physical examinations and labs are included in the cost of an annual subscription fee. Additional labs or a COVID crusher panel can be performed as needed for an extra charge.

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